Welcome to Crown Electronic Systems

We are manufacturer and supplier of ELECTRICAL , ELECTRONIC TEST & MEASURING INSTRUMENTS e.g. Oscilloscope, DSO, Oscillator , Function Generator ,  DMM , DPM for V, A, Hz, W, & Pf  Digital  milli /micro ohm meter, LCR Meter, Capacitance Meter, Clamp Meter, Digital IC Tester Multifunction Meter,    HV Breakdown Tester  ,Million Mega Ohm Meter , Insulation tester, Meggar , Earth tester, DC Regulated  Power Supply , SMPS , Analog Meters , Auto Transformer( Variac )  & Electronic training Boards for Semiconductors, Various Theorems , Amplifiers, OP-Amplifier ,Filters, Digital Electronics ,Communication ,Microprocessor & Instrumentation Lab.

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Our firm is a specialized trader and supplier of a broad array of Oscilloscope.

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Digital Measuring Instruments
We have in store for our clients Digital Measuring Instruments.

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Oscillators / Function Generator
Our company offers the premium quality Oscillators function generator.

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Dc Regulated Power Supply
A device that supplies electrical energy to one or more connected loads is called as Power Supply.

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Analog Measuring Instruments
We offer a wide range of Analog Measuring Instruments that are precisely designed for perfection.

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Electronic Training Boards
We are highly appreciated by the clients for manufacturing, supplying and exporting a wide range of Laboratory standards.

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